Super Eggs!

This a super healthy recipe! It’s basically eggs, but in a different way! It is great for those who are tired of eating eggs every day and who are looking for a change or also for those days that you won’t have any time to eat because of the rush.

The feature of this recipe is strained the yoghurt. Don’t be prejudiced! Believe me, it is going to be just fine, more than fine actually. Yoghurt makes the egg’s consistency better and keeps you full for a longer time. It also increases the protein content of your meals. Let’s see how it’s done!


  • Egg
  • Green pepper
  • Strained yoghurt
  • Basil


First, cook the peppers a little bit in olive oil. In a separate bowl, scramble the eggs; add it on top of peppers and stir it frequently. The eggs will be cooked very quickly. Add the basil and take it to a plate. After the egg is cooled, add the strained yogurt on top and sprinkle the spices. Here’s our egg with strained yoghurt! Bon appetite!

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