Summer Expedition | Amalfi

If they asked me “How would you describe Amalfi Coast with one sentence?”, I would definitely say that it is like a dream… It was our second time in the coast of Amalfi and this time we went there for an event held by Stradivarius. We participated in the photo shoots of their summer collection, and enjoyed the area as much as we could! It was full of joy, sun, and great foods!

First day, we started the shooting as soon as we arrived. So, it was a little busy and crazy afternoon. However, we had the best evening later in the day. We had such a great view of Positano and had amazing time accompanied with Italian live music and delicious Italian food of course… We even danced with tambourines!

The next day the shootings continued in Capri. So, we woke up really early. After such a tiring day and a fun night, it was very hard to wake up to be honest… But then I saw the breakfast and forgot about everything. We walked down to the ferry point where a boat picked us up for Capri.

At this point, I would like to talk about getting around in Amalfi. In this coast, you basically need to walk to reach wherever you want to go. There are so many stairs that you have to climb and descend. Because everything was built upon the hills. Thanks to this kind of architecture, the pattern of the town is so ravishing. And in between of the islands, you need to take the boats as we did on our way to Capri.

Always crowded, always nice

Last year when we visited Capri, it was very very crowded. And this year, although the peak season hadn’t started yet, it was still considerably crowded. So I guess there is no time limit for Capri, you can visit whenever you want to…

You know, this area is so famous with its iconic chaise-longues and umbrellas with stripes… We took so many pictures with these icons and again it was time to eat! When you travel in Italy, the topic comes eventually to food. So again, we had an amazing lunch…

I love when they use the Amalfi lemons as ornaments on the table. It gives such a fresh look… We had so much food such as eggplant with tomato sauce, fried zucchini, sea food, pasta, fish, etc… They were all so delicious! I was about to explode actually… You know how hard it is to resist against the Italian food…

Next day, we woke up really early again and grabbed our cameras and went down the seaside in the crack of dawn to take some pictures. It’s not easy to take good photos actually, there is a huge effort behind it. We always put so much effort for our photos and videos during our trips.

Then, in the afternoon, we visited the main square of Amalfi which is again always very crowded. We went to a café which has been in the square since 1830 and enjoyed the delicious Italian desserts. We even tried to make some!


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