Safari in Africa!

Are we ready to meet the lions? Welcome to the jungle…  I couldn’t sleep at night because we were going out on safari in the morning.

First of all, we went to a lion park to love baby lions. They’re in a private park because they are endangered animals. You can love them because they’re babies, actually. Of course, it’s not possible to approach the big lions.

We loved the baby lions, they were so sweet and beautiful… Their feathers were soft and I loved their paws… Then we entered the natural environment of animals in a protected car. First, we saw the antelopes, then we moved through their natural habitat. It was such a brilliant experience to see all the animals in their daily routines…

When the car stopped, a giraffe came near us, I fed it with my hands! Can you believe that? I gave him an apple and I saw his purple tongue… It was so amazing… I believe that touching the animals give you such a relief.

Our second morning, we got up at 4 AM, because we needed to see the animals when the weather is cool and when they wander around. We were so lucky! Because we got to see all Big Fives during this ride: Leopard, lion, rhino, African buffalo and elephant… Seeing them in their natural habitat was breathtaking, I will never ever forget this experience. Especially the elephant was so cute. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. And of course, the zebras… They are such elegant animals.

Last day, last safari

We continued even on our third day. One can never get bored of this. Again, we were so lucky. Our ranger let us get out of the car when we were near zebras… There were 30 or 35 of them. It was so nice! There was even a couple of zebra that were kissing each other. I wanted to freeze that scene forever! And we also saw a baby rhino following his mom, which was the cutest thing on this earth.

This time we saw the lions in their very protected area. It was a little frightening to see that they were kept in such area. By the way, seeing the lions can be a little hard; because they sleep 18-20 hours in a day. So, you either see them when they are sleeping, or you don’t see them at all. But maybe it’s even safer not to see them, as you are in a open-air car…

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