Rome: Magic, Love and Ice-Cream!

It’s not a love at first sight; it’s a thrill, a happiness and a sweet belly ache as if it were the first time every time you see it… I can understand why they call Rome “the city of lovers”. It is not possible not to fall in love when you are surrounded by such beauties and delicious food!

I travel quite a lot. I have been to Rome three times. Yet it is still on my top 10 list. Rome has some kind of magic, it has a never-ending charm.

Rome with love 💙 #colosseo

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Here are the three attractions that you shouldn’t miss if you are in Rome:

1. Spanish Steps

It is one of the iconic places in Rome. The Spanish Square (Piazza d’Espagna) and the tall, wide and steep stairs in the middle of it… Although the area is very crowded, it’s not only the tourists who create this crowd. Around the square, there are so many lovely cafes and restaurants that the locals also enjoy going. In the morning, you can try to catch the empty steps in the shadow and enjoy the breeze. In the evening, you can take along your ice cream or tiramisu and watch the surroundings.

2. The Colosseum

The Spanish Steps are one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. However the Colosseum is definitely the most iconic one. It’s a musical theatre dating back to the first century. So, I think that it deserves all the reputation it has. You might wait a long while to get inside and even to sit across of it. When I went to Rome for the first time, I eagerly waited for hours and wandered around for even more hours, and it was definitely worth waiting. The next times I visited Rome, I just sat nearby and enjoyed looking at it from a distance. Even if I visit Rome for the 30th time, I will still not leave without seeing the Colosseum!

3. Fontana di Trevi

This fountain is called “Fountain of Lovers” although its story has nothing to do with love or lovers… In fact, it is called “Trevi’s Fountain”. If you throw a penny to the fountain, it is believed that you will visit Rome at least once again. So, it is more like a wish tree. As people wish love more than anything, they started to call it “Fountain of Lovers” perhaps… If you want to have a nice memory photo, I strongly recommend that you go early in the morning. Otherwise the crowd won’t let you have one…


These are the three main attractions in Rome. But we should talk about another trio that the visitors enjoy even more: Ice-cream, pizza, and pasta…

There are some restaurants that I would recommend but what I recommend more is that you just choose a restaurant according to your own taste. Trust me, the possibility of it being bad is unlikely!

And I have another good news for you! You might think that you are going to gain fat and roll back home because of the pizzas, pastas and all kinds of delicious desserts that you are going to have. I know that it is such a dilemma… But forget about it… Inside of their pasture, they use semolina, which is easy to ground and convert into energy. For this reason, you do not experience any kind of indigestion or bloating even though you eat pizza, pasta, desserts all the time… But please don’t exaggerate the portions…

And of course ice-cream… Just enjoy it without calculating calories. You are not going to find it back home!

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