Come Rain or Come Shine

New trend is to make rain enjoyable! It’s almost impossible to ignore super colorful and fun rain coats around. The old and boring rain coats are completely gone and replaced…

Colors of Autumn

Autmn is my favorite color! Even tho summer is the best season to spend time perfectly, autmn is my favorite to dress up. The weather is not cold, neither hot….

Velvet Love

We are taking over our fathers’ velvet pants! I say a little tailor touch could fix all the problems 🙂 Because we are under velvet attack! It’s been one of…

Scotch Plaid

To me, fashion is to wear what looks good on you and what you feel good inside of it. Depending on your body type, height and of coure your life…

Matchy Matchy Girls!

We’ve been in Amalfi Coast together with Stradivarius for their summer expedition. It was full of fun, lovely people all around, yummy food, laughter, lots of wine and good memories….