Fascinating Qatar

Qatar’s capital city Doha is very popular lately. With its skyscrapers build on the coast, flashy malls around the city, noisy construction yards, and amazing deserts; it has just become new Dubai…

Our journey to Qatar started with a fun flight. When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with dates and coffees. The room was very clean and comfortable. We enjoyed our view so much.

We were there to attend Inflow Summit actually, and had many meetings… But in between of the meetings we spared some time to see around and take photos. First, we discovered the Marina district. If you go to Doha, make sure you watch the sunset in Marina. It’s pretty good to say goodbye to sun that goes down through the high buildings.

Seeing Souq Waqif is also a must-do. As you know, “sou q” means “market” in Arabic. It’s possible to all sorts of things around this market. We’ve even seen kumpir, simit and hookas! The architecture of the market is really nice. The buildings are new but they look like old.

Hawk is a status indicator in Qatar so there’s a hospital which is special for hawks! It’s right near the souq area. There are also bird galleries. It’s possible to hear birds from everywhere!

You can also visit Museum of Islamic Art…

Magic comes when you’re not looking for it ✨✨✨

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Adventure in the desert!

And of course the dune safari… Normally they say that the sunset time is the best time to do safari. But unfortunately the weather was cloudy when we were there. It took us almost two hours to reach the desert. Before you go on a safari, you might want to buy a kerchief from the souq. It will look cool on your pictures…

Our safari experience was not so perfect because of the weather conditions. It was already dark and windy while we were in the desert. So, we couldn’t really see much around. But at least we had a nice gathering; danced on the sands and touched the camels… If you want to do the dune safari in Doha, keep in mind that you should arrange the timing very well… Otherwise it might be a little less fun, just like ours.


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