Dubai: Modern Face of the Middle East

If you want to get lost among the highest buildings of the world, you should definitely put Dubai on your bucket list.

For a long time, this city has attracted attention of many people all around the world thanks to the employment opportunities. On account of the expat population, Dubai is used to western lifestyle: Parties at the roof bars, beaches and swimming pools around the city, concerts, etc… They don’t have any regulations in terms of clothing. So, you can wear whatever you want to.

When you are walking through Dubai, you feel like you are in a video game… Everything is so colorful and technologic. The highest building, the largest mall, the first seven-star hotel… All the mosts and the bests are in Dubai…

On our first day in Dubai, we basically discovered the beautiful beaches and cafes… There are so many malls in Dubai, but we don’t like wandering around the malls during our trips. So, we skipped that part. But if you like shopping abroad, then you will fall in love with these malls. You can find anything you are looking for, and in fact even more than you are looking for… By the way, Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world.

Marina district is the first place that you should discover, especially during the sunset time. There are so many hotels, restaurant, cafés in this district. We had a nice walk from Jumeriah Beach Resort to the Palm through the beach.

I have to tell you something at this point. In Dubai, it is a little hard to walk from somewhere to another. I mean, you can see the place, it is not that far; but the roads are so complicated that you just end up with taking a taxi or Uber. The other thing that prevents you from walking is of course the hot weather.

What else…

– Burj Khalifa is the most iconic building in this city. With the height of 830 meters, it’s the highest building in the world. When you are in Dubai, you can see it everywhere.

– The Dubai Fountain is definitely a must-see. It’s the largest choreographed fountain system. You will enjoy watching 5-minute show especially during the night.

– If you have time, please take a time to walk around Souq Al Bahar. Most of people go there to have a dinner with a waterfront view.

– When you are in Dubai, you should spare some time to do safari. It’s such a nice experience. We even saw baby camel!

– If you want to see Dubai, you should avoid summertime. Because it gets so hot. So, going to Dubai during the winter would be a lot better to be able to wander around more comfortably.

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