City of Love and History: Venice

Venice is such a charming and stunning city with the tiny streets, curly canals, colorful squares, historical bridges…  Now lets’s travel to this beautiful city…

When I first went to Venice, I was by myself and I thought that “Next time, I want to come to this gorgeous city with the man I love.” And my wish came through… Italy has never disappointed me. The world of pizza, ice-cream, and great nature… And Venice offers even more. For me, it is “the city of love” not because of the gondola rides actually, but because of its historical atmosphere. In Venice, you can enjoy the full moon on a stone bridge or you can listen to the sound of water coming from the canals, while the night lapses into the silence.

When it comes to Venice, everybody will tell you about the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, San Marco Square, tiny streets, etc. Now let’s get into my personal experience…

Venice is a car-free zone. This is actually a big luxury especially today… If you want to reach somewhere you have to use “vaporetto” which is kind of a sea bus. Getting around the city is really easy with vaporettos and it is also affordable. Plus you get to travel with a lovely breeze.

We went there in the middle of the August. You can’t imagine how hot it was. While it was hard enough to stand in the shadow, trying to move along the tiny streets was a real challenge. So we bought a daily ticket and enjoyed the vaporettos more than we should!

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Yummy foods!

In Italy there are three types of restaurants: Ristorante, Trattoria and Osteria… Actually I didn’t know the difference among these three. But I eventually learned it during this trip. Ristorantes are chic and luxurious, and of course they are the most expensive ones. Trattorias are more modest; they offer less variety but they are considered more traditional. The prices are more reasonable comparing to the ones in ristorantes. And the osterias are cosy and low-priced places.

On the first day of our trip, we struggled to find a good place to eat. We didn’t have reservation, everywhere was so crowded and most of the places looked touristic. We were getting hungry and hungrier but the view was so great that we forgot about everything. Next day we were luckier though. While we were wondering around, we found a two-table osteria on a very tiny street. With the lacework and the glasses made from Murano crystal looked so cute that we decided to have our dinner there without even looking at the menu. It was an amazing dinner! We lost our way because of the labyrinth- looking streets and eventually we found it back. The chef welcomed us and we had such a delicious and peaceful dinner.

There is nothing to do for the crowd. We became a piece of it… There are almost 450 bridges in Venice. And on each of them there are people trying to take photos as the gondoliers try to convince them to take a tour on the canals…

Venice is surrended not only by 450 bridges but also 120 small islands. You can reach these islands in five minutes with vaporettos. They are calm but so colorful at the same time… I really lost my mind in those islands…

To discover the whole city, you should get lost in Venice. You should have a tea time accompanied with the live music in the San Marco Square. You have to pay for the music, but it’s definitely worthwhile. When everybody goes back to their hotels, you should keep wondering around and listen to the canals. You don’t have to hold your lover’s hand, but it is also worthwhile…

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