City of Autumn and Love: Paris

Some cities are already known for their beauty but they’re even more appealing in certain periods such as Paris in Autumn. Wandering around beautiful colors of fall, drinking your hot chocolate in some random Parisienne café while witnessing people’s rush gives you a sudden bliss. Here’s a brief Paris review for you…

Rambling around in beautiful Parisienne gardens and inhaling the fresh air is one of the best ways to relax in Paris. As expected, some days are gloomier than the others in the autumn but the sun shows itself eventually and you will enjoy the weather by sitting on the pretty benches which you will encounter very often throughout the city.

Palais-Royal Garden is one of my favorites in Paris. It is very close to the famous Louvre Museum and Rue Saint Honoré which is a street you can shop from luxury brands and treat yourself with a coffee in petit coffee shops without walking the whole city.

Imagine your dream ✨ You can even paint Eiffel in pink 💕

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Less crowded, more alive!

Parisiennes usually leave their beloved city in July-August and come back when the school and work start in early September. That is also why the autumn is a perfect time to visit, you’ll mostly see locals, besides you don’t have to wait long lines in tourist attractions compared to the high season which is mainly summertime.

BUT, if you come upon to the Fashion Week -just like us- you won’t see a crowd in front of tourist attractions such as Arc de Triomphe, however, you’ll most likely to see huge lines in front of some luxury brand’s boutique. Even without Fashion Week, you’ll see that Parisienne’s dress quite flourishing in daily life and it is pleasing to the eye.

Since they have several holidays in July and December, a lot of restaurants, cafés, and shops will remain closed during that time. However, in fall everywhere is open! In addition to that, everywhere is cheaper and less crowded compared to the high season. Don’t forget to order some croissants and a cappuccino in a small Parisienne café, explore the authentic shops around you and visit the thrift shops.

By the way, drinking hot chocolate, eating sweet or salty crepes, hearing some live jazz while walking around the city and last but not least tasting some colorful macarons are some of the things you need to do in Paris.

It was the first time I visited Paris in fall time and I can assure you, Paris looks so much better in fall. That is why I very much recommend you plan a trip to Europe in Autumn.

Lastly, just before we left Paris, something I saw surprised me in a very positive way. Seeing the Eiffel Tower lighten up in pink for raising awareness to Breast Cancer impressed me very much. It was such an amazing view to see.

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