Chia Balls

Here is something very nice for you! It’s a very healthy snack, even though it looks like a traitorous one. It has different names such as energy ball, raw balls or protein ball, etc. There are actually very useful things inside of its tiny look. It’s very delicious, lifesaving at sweet craving moments and easy to make. Do you want to know how? Let’s get into it…


  • 4 date
  • A small cup of almond
  • Chia
  • 3 tbs cocoa
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (optional)
  • Coconut (optional)


Let the dates soak in water the night before you are ready to make balls. Next day, get them out of the water and separate the shells and seeds. Blend dates, cocoa, almonds, chia and coconut. They won’t get together right away but they will eventually. So be patient and blend them until you get a solid mixture. Then shape them as balls, and cover with coconut. Ready to serve!


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