Cape Town: Too Good to Be True

Cape Town is a city full of contrasts. You will be amazed by its nature and colors… Now let’s get more into this beauty!

We had a really comfortable flight to Cape Town. In this city, there are so many things to see and to do. So, on the way, I studied my lesson and did a perfect plan!

Our first stop was Chapman’s Peak. You will recognize this road if you are fan of James Bond movies. It’s one of the most famous roads in the world. It’s so breathtaking but dangerous at the same time. So, driving through it was quite experience. It’s definitely worth it though, because the view will fascinate you.

Next day, we started our day in Truth Coffee, having an avocado toast and amazing coffee. It’s one of the must-go places in the town. Then we headed to Muizenberg Beach to get some sea breeze. You know wherever we go, we find a beach playing Jack Johnson songs… And Muizenberg Beach was one of them. The color of the sand and the sea was so perfect. On of the best that we have seen so far… People surf on this beach. So, everywhere is full of colors. There are even colorful cottages…

By the way, some of places in Cape Town might be a little dangerous. So, you should always watch out. People keep warning you about the dangerous possibilities. They also warned us about Muizenberg Beach, telling that we should walk through the beach and not go across.

Swimming with the penguins!

And the best part of Cape Town trips! Boulder’s Beach… There is a colony of penguins living here. They are so cute and they are so funny. If you are planning a trip to Cape Town, you can’t leave the town without seeing them! There is a viewing terrace that you can watch them and there is another beach, right near it, where you can go through a wooden walkway… Here you can even swim with them. But try not to disturb them; because they are so fed up with people and sometimes they are not as cute as they look. They even bite us… But it was worth seeing their sweetness.

The next stop was Cape of Good Hope, but we made a really quick tour there to catch the sunset. We wanted to watch the sunset from the Table Mountain. But when we went there, they told us that they were closed because of the bad weather conditions. So, we went to Signal Hill to watch the sunset. It was so windy but we had such a beautiful view…

Beautiful sunsets…

We went to Table Mountain next day, as we missed it the day before. There is cable car going up. You can see each corner of Cape Town from the summit. It’s like the whole city is under your feet. You can also watch the beautiful sunset; but as you know, we missed it. We preferred to Lion’s Head which is another hill that you can watch the sunset. And this time, we didn’t use a cable car, we hiked. It took almost two hours to climb up but it was worth seeing the view.

Bo-Kaap district is in the city center and full of colorful houses. They are colored so that people wanted to find their home easily. But it became a tourist attraction. Such a fairytale… Again, you have to be careful around this neighborhood.

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