Bulletproof Coffee

How about a morning coffee with butter? I can hear you asking “Why coffee with butter?”  I’m not a nutritionist, but I try to adopt the things I learn. In ketogenic nutrition, you need to have more fat and less carbohydrates. In this scenario, the body gets its energy from fat. You can drink this coffee before you go to gym and speed up the fat burning. I think that it’s better with coconut oil. But it is up to you, you can either make it with butter or coconut oil.


  • Brewed coffee
  • Unsalted butter or coconut oil

Battery is dead 🚨🔌 ⏰🥁🚀🥀🎺😁

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First of all, let’s make our coffee. Then add 1-2 tablespoons unsalted butter or coconut oil (changes according to amount of coffee) and blend it for a little while and that’s it. Bon appetite!

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