Beyond the Dreams: Aurora Borealis and Lapland

Lapland was always a wonderland for me. So our trip there was like a fairytale. As soon as we took off the plane, we met the cold. It was already night and freezing! We were there for an event held by Origin. They welcomed us with hot chocolate which was very cute. But the cuter and the more exciting part was staying in a glass igloo under the aurora borealis! It was such a special experience. I kept awaking and looking at the amazing view. I will never forget about the excitement of that night.

In the morning, after having breakfast, we headed to snowmobile event… You have to keep in mind that Lapland is full of new experiences. And snowmobile is definitely one of them! We had to wear special cloth first. It’s kind of an overall, and you wear it on your clothes, even on your coat. So we became really huge! We felt like Teletubbies! I guess that there is no other way to guard yourself from the cold in Lapland. No matter what you wear, you are not ready for it until you wear that overall.

It was -27 Celsius. The color of sun was so gorgeous. And we started our ride. Some moments are too hard to explain, you just have to experience it… My eyelashes froze, but so my memories… We had such a great time full of joy and laughter.

In the evening, we listened to the story of Origin products. They say that “We use life to create live.” All the products have natural ingredients. So, it was special for me to be part of this family and discover all about it in such a lovely event.

Time with huskies!

The next day was another adventure. It was time to meet huskies of Lapland! At this point, I have to indicate something: Husky sledding is not an activity that tortures the animals. If it were something like that, we would have never done it. It’s not like elephant safaris, where they narcotize the elephants. This is the nature of huskies. You can compare the husky sledding with horse riding actually.

As I said earlier, Lapland is land of unforgettable moments. Now imagine this moment: A forest covered with eye-catching snow, you are on a sled carried by beautiful huskies, an amazing sunshine… Leave yourself to the never ending energy of huskies and feel the peace and joy of that moment… Isn’t it great?

We fed the deers, remembering the lovely legend of Santa Claus! Then it was time to leave… It was one of the hardest farewells. Each moment in Lapland was so special and so beautiful. From our lovely igloo to the snowflakes that dropped on our faces, we enjoyed everything so much… It’s so cold but it gives you such a great relief.

Lapland was one of my dream destination… I feel so lucky. I hope that anyone sharing the same dream can come here and enjoy it…

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