Barcelona: Just Like Home

There are some places that you feel like you are just at home. That’s exactly what Barcelona makes me feel. Maybe you have read many articles and many lists of things to do regarding this beautiful city. I am sure you all know about La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Plaça de Catalunya, Barri Gotic, etc… But let’s take a moment and meet my Barcelona! I can go to this charming city many times and never get bored.

When you travel too often, one of the most frequently asked questions is: “Where do you like most?” Each city or each country is special in its own way. Especially for those who like to travel rather than just glancing at the destinations, none of the journeys can be waste of time. So, I divide the cities into two groups:

  1. It’s worth seeing, because every city is worth it, and it’s a good thing that I went and threw a tick on it.
  2. Yihaa I can live here!

Barcelona is definitely in the second group for me. It’s never ending city…

Feeling blessed 🤸🏻‍♀️🌈

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Get lost in the Gothic streets

The old buildings in Barri Gothic still preserve their glory. But what makes this neighborhood so special is more than its architecture… As you wander through the narrow streets, you will definitely find a live performance. You can leave yourself to the music, dance among the people in front of the giant cathedral, or take some tapas, sit on the sidewalks and watch around.

And this time, I strolled on a skateboard feeling so peaceful and happy. Without stumbling, I wandered around those tiny streets. I grabbed my freshly brewed coffee and continued my way. It was like I was riding skateboard on those streets since I was a little kid!

Delicious tapas

The famous tapas, of course, will give flavor to your trip. It is not possible to come from a country, full of various kinds of olive oil dishes, rich appetizers and not to like tapas. You will enjoy the taste of fresh sea food, potato with bravas sauce, and different kinds of flat breads in this city.

Blue beauty: La Barceloneta

Barcelona is one the few cities that benefits its seaside as much as possible. You can walk through the tiny streets and at the end you will end up with beautiful blue sea and lovely breeze.

Please enjoy a barefoot walking on the sand, leave yourself on the ground… Have a drink at Xiringuitos or walk along the beach, run, ride a skateboard… There are lots of things to do by the seaside of Barcelona and choosing one is totally up to you…

Sincerity welcomes you in this city

Spanish people are just like other Mediterranean people; they are warm, sincere and energetic… When they talk, they are usually very loud and plus you will love how they revive the conversation by their gestures! I met a lot of people who enjoy every single moment in their lives.

You’re lucky if you’ve never been to Barcelona! Enjoy being a tourist in this amazing city; seeing such a unique architecture, eating delicious foods, meeting special people. If you’ve been to Barcelona before, you’re lucky again! Because this city can surprise you every time you go.

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