Hi, I’m Elvin!

My journey had started when they call my name Elvin in 1988. I feel like there is a clock tick-tack-tick tack installed inside me; which reminds me that I have to go, explore and share. No matter while acting on TV shows or sharing on social media, I never stopped sharing my stories and chasing new adventures.

Then I fell in love and I got married. And our dreams are doubled and I feel like no one can stop us!

One of my dreams was to open this site, share my stories on my blog and here I am! Thank you for following my stories and travel adventures.

Elvinimin is actually a childhood habit. My father gathered everything that belonged to me under ‘elvinimin’ folders; I decided to tell my digital stories under this name.

I love blue, nature, yoga, adventure, food, ocean, green, barefoot, sports, laughter, my family and to share my happiness and adventures.

Does the rainbow have the 8th color? There is no answer. Is there a golden cross at the end of the rainbow? Where do you go? Does not matter. Not the destination, journey itself matters.