A Romantic Trip to Bavaria in Autumn

Romantic Road, as the name implies, provides you a very romantic journey, especially in the fall season. It starts from the center of Germany and continues through the south for about 350-400 kilometers. Back then (in middle ages), the main purpose of the road was trading, but now it became very popular thanks to the fascinating view of castles, palaces and magnificent wooden houses that you see throughout the road. In order to dive into the romantic road, you need to take the exit from the autoroute and enter the pathway which is in the woods. The best time to plan this trip is definitely autumn… You cannot believe what you see when you see the incredible colors of the forest. Besides, it is not the high season, that’s why you probably won’t see a huge crowd. I’m sure that the view of Bavarian Alps surrounded by beautiful lakes will surprise you a lot throughout the trip.

Neuschwanstein Castle: Inspiration of fairytales

Neuschwanstein Castle is the exact same image pops up to your mind when you think of a chateau! It is almost too good to be true and you can definitely feel that it does not belong to our century. Not a coincide, it even inspired the famous Disney Castle that basically represents the Disney company today.

The castle built by the request of King Ludwig II of Bavaria in 1869. He became the king at the age of eighteen but he was definitely not a fan of politics or hunting (like regular king’s concerns), instead he was interested in architecture and art mostly. That is why he is known as the “Fairy Tale King”. When you pass through the chateau, you come upon the Marien Bridge where you can see the wonderful view of the castle but definitely skip that part if you have a batophobia because the bride is very high. After the bridge, if you can climb up a little bit more, you can explore your own spot for the perfect view.

This particular area is filled with beautiful castles, chateaus, and palaces. Some of them are still in very good condition and very photogenic as well. They mainly serve as museums or restaurants but the interesting thing is, many of them are used for accommodation. You can even spend the night in one of them and treat yourself like a king or queen!

Romantic towns and villages:

If you watched the cartoon Heidi at least once, this place will definitely seem familiar to you. Everywhere is filled with endless green hills and adorable small towns and you can’t help falling in love with it. You don’t have to check the map or follow a certain route, they are just everywhere you look. Especially the wooden houses with colorful flowers got my attention pretty quickly. By the way, you absolutely need to try the famous sweet yeast bread in some local bakery while wandering around.

Normally, this particular route is brimming with tourists, but in the autumn it is very tranquil and the fall colors blend pretty well with this place. Romantic Road would be a perfect road trip for who’s more of a fan of spontaneous trips.

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