A Journey to the Rainbow Island: Burano

My name is Elvin, which means the seven color of the rainbow. I guess that’s partly why I am so in love with the colors and of course colorful places.

Burano is an island in Italy and it is just one of them. It looks just like a kid painted the whole island as he wished. So vivid, so unique, so nice… It stretches the limits of imagination.

You can catch a vaporetto from Venice (There is one in every 20 minutes) and go to Burano in just half an hour. I recommend you take the vaporetto from F.te Nove rather than San Marco Square, especially if you have limited time. This way you can reach the island more quickly. But if you have enough time and you want to enjoy the boat more, then you can go ahead and take one from San Marco Square.

As soon you see the island on the board, you will want to run and hug each of the houses. Now let’s have a tour among the streets of this beautiful island.

Where there’s love, there’s life 💙 xx

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So ravishing…

First of all, wandering around this island makes you feel like you are running through a children’s book. The canals are surrounded by houses in different sizes and each of them has a different color. There are so many tiny streets of which you can take great photos. And you will encounter many lovely backyards… Table clothes with gingham just fits into the look of the island. A few pizzeria and a few ice-cream shops… Everything looks so ravishing!

When we arrived in Burano, we started to wander around with the eyes full of astonishment and admiration. After a little while, we chose one of the pizzerias to gain a little energy, and had such a delicious one cooked on wood fire. It was even better than the one we had in Venice… By the way if you are planning to have something to eat in the island, eat before 4 PM. Because most of the places are closed after 4 PM.

Then we continued walking around and took many photos in every corner. Everything was so peaceful and so good that the only trouble was that our ice-cream was melting down because of the hot.

Half a day is totally enough for Burano. We arrived later in the afternoon and still had so much time to see everything. Besides after 7 or 8 (PM) o’clock, there will be no tourist around, just the locals. Because there is not an hotel in the island. So, don’t push your luck to spend more time in the island! At this point, I have to warn you on something: I know that it is such a great island and it makes you jump and scream, but please calm yourself and don’t bother the locals by getting too excited. Because when you walk through the tiny streets, you will see many people sitting in front of their houses, having their coffee or having chat with the neighbors. They welcome you with a great smile, but still you should respect their personal spaces.

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