5 Reasons to Visit Philipinnes

I wouldn’t have counted Philippines as one of my dream destinations… Consisting of almost 8000 islands in the middle of Pacific Ocean, this country was always unknown for me. I didn’t know where to go, what to do, what to see… Yet I loved it so much as soon as I saw it. It has such a great nature and amazing beaches which inspire you. Plus, the Philippines are such joyful and helpful people, and this makes your trip even greater. So you have many reason to visit this country, but let’s see the first five of them…

1. Magnificent nature

I have never seen so vivid colors anywhere else in the world. Not only the blue and the green, every color is so real, so charming in Philippines… Pink sunsets, billion shades of green, beautiful white sands… Amazing! When you are in this country, you will have lots of time to hike in the forests, or you will have a chance to canoe through giant mangroves… Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. Suddenly changing weather conditions will keep surprising you as you enjoy the beauty of your environment. And these memories will stay with you for the life…

2. Untouched islands, beaches and amazing underwater…

White sands, turquois sea and the palm trees… It’s like a dream, like a heaven… Although there are some touristic and crowded beaches, there are also so many beaches which you encounter just on the way of somewhere and where there is not a single person. For example, Boracay Island, famous with kite surfing and amazing beaches, is really crowded. But we enjoyed Palawan more. There are some many great beaches in Palawan as well and they are much less crowded. If you want to travel in between of the big islands, you have to fly or take a ferry. But if you want to travel to small and closer islands, so there are so many boats coming and going.

By the way it is not possible to see all of the islands as there are thousands of them. But you can take a few different island tours and see as much as you can. During the island tours, you will see such amazing beaches and enjoy the underwater without even snorkel.

3. Interesting inventions

The boats that you use in between of islands are really cute. There are two bamboo sticks on the two sides. It is for balancing on shallow water but at the same time has such a nice look.

“Jeepney” is a kind of bus used in daily life routines. They are in all sorts of color and lighten up your day, actually.

“Tricycle”s are three-wheeled taxis. They are also colorful and gives you opportunity to reach wherever you go in a nice, breezy way…

4. Genial people

Philippines are very helpful people and they have always big smiles on their faces. When you ask them something, they listen to you carefully and try to help you as much as they can. Their laughter makes you laugh also, it is like contagious disease!

5. Great fruits and sea food

When you are in Philippines, you can find coconut even when you are cruising in the middle of sea. It’s such a lifesaver when you cannot find anything to eat. You will be full with banana, pineapple, mango and many other tropical fruits and sea food of course. You can even see people collecting calamari during night. Everything is so fresh and delicious.

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Be careful with…

  • It’s hard to find bottled water in the islands. So you should be prepared. If you can not find one, at least you can prefer refined water.
  • If you are open to different taste, you will enjoy Philippine cuisine. But as it is too hot, the meals with diary products might make you sick.
  • Be careful with “zika” virus in Philippines. It is kind of a fever disease and spread mostly via mosquitoes. You should also get information about malaria and cholera before your trip.
  • You can only use Philippines peso in the islands. And only a few places accept credit card. There not ATM or banks around either. So be sure that you have enough cash with you. You can exchange your money in Manila.
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