20 Hours in Singapore

While we were coming back from Tokyo to Istanbul, our flight was via Singapore. We had 20-hour waiting period, so it was more than enough to briefly discover the city. So here is our expedited Singapore tour…

During our 7-hour flight from Tokyo to Singapore, we couldn’t sleep at all because of the turbulence… We landed at Singapore Changi Airport at 04.45 AM. After resting for a few hours in the lounge, we left the airport at 8 AM. By the way the airport was so giant and beautiful that there were even big trees in it! The temperature was 29 Celcius degrees, however it was rainy. Typical Singapore weather…

We had a few choices to go to the city center. Singapore Airlines offers a free city tour but it is just for the sightseeing. I mean you take the bus, stop in a few places to take photos, and go back to the bus… That’s it… So wanted to go the city center by train and explore the city by ourselves to be more free.

Maybe we’re crazy. Probably. 💙

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Remarkable buildings…

Singapore is such a beautiful city… So chic, modern and attractive… The buildings are remarkable… We started our tour from the Ion… It’s a shopping mall and one of the most iconic buildings in Singapore. It’s on the Orchard Street which is the most crowded and the most popular street in the city. We walked on the street for a while. But we had to take metro just for one stop because of the heavy rain.

Our next stop was Helix Bridge. The bridge was built like a DNA helix. So, it is quite nice to walk through it. You can take many photos there. Because you will encounter such a great view of the city. It also looks so nice during the night.

You can’t leave Singapore without tasting “Singapore Sling” in Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar. It’s a must-do… We also tried it and enjoyed the nice atmosphere of Long Bar and sunset. Then we headed to Marina Bay to see the Sky Trees… You should see them especially during the night… With the lights on them, they look so amazing.

It was such a tiring but amazing day in Singapore. We enjoyed every second. When we went back to the Changi Airport, we were about to die, actually. We slept all the way to Istanbul. If you have such a waiting period in Singapore, you should definitely go to the city center and have a quick tour. It might sound a too hard but actually it is so much fun!

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