Hawaii: Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

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Beyond the Dreams: Aurora Borealis and Lapland

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Summer Expedition | Amalfi

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Come Rain or Come Shine

New trend is to make rain enjoyable! It’s almost impossible to ignore super colorful and fun rain coats around. The old and boring rain coats are completely gone and replaced…

Colors of Autumn

Autmn is my favorite color! Even tho summer is the best season to spend time perfectly, autmn is my favorite to dress up. The weather is not cold, neither hot….

How did I start Yoga?

Always the most difficult thing is to get started, so I want to start by answering the most frequently asked question: How I started yoga and how passionately I went…

MILANO, Amore Mio!

When you say Milan, first thing comes to your mind would be shopping for sure. So I’m writing this column just to prove you that you are wrong, and I’m…

PARIS: Mon Amour

Before I write my blog post about Paris, I must warn you about one thing; you might get addicted to this city! Once you go, it’s impossible to not want…

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